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Ernie and Cissy Hopper

Ernie and Cissy Hopper are two friends that I hold in the highest esteem. I have known both of them since 1976. In the classroom Ernie Hopper was a gifted student of Greek and Hebrew. He excelled above all those around him. It was obvious that God had given a gift. The gift of absorbing another language. But not only the ability to read and understand but also to communicate with others, which he has used for the cause of Christ.

In 1988 Ernie gave his heart to the people of East Africa. He and Cissy have lived the purest form of mission endeavor. They didn't just occasionally visit Africa. They loaded the U-Haul and moved all they had with no regret.

Since being in Africa Ernie and Cissy have ministered across areas of Kenya, Uganda and the southern Sudan.

Through Ernie’s Cissy's efforts they have established over 70 churches. They have been responsible for founding a Bible Institute that have had students in excess of 90. Through their efforts they have brought to translation several books to minister to those of Kenya and East Africa.

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What great Servants.

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Featured Ministry

Ernie and Cissy Hopper

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